About Us

Megan Koleff


”You cannot stop bad things from happening, but you can spread awareness on how to handle said things when they do.”

Megan Koleff is the founder and president of NeuroPolitan LLC. She acquired her Masters in Business/Entrepreneurship from University of Tampa and holds a double Bachelors degree in Advertising/Public Relations and Neuroscience. She has always been interested in helping others reach their goals and has worked on accounts such as Metropolitan Ministries and Tech Start Tampa Bay. She is also an accomplished motivational speaker. Clients of her company, NeuroPolitan, include Robert Half, OKTA, Pickett and Associates Inc., LinkedIn Local, Out LLC, and Harmonies Brew. She is well endorsed by many professionals including Mike Schnell, the founder of Pickett and Associates Inc., and Kevin Moore, Co Founder of Tier One Inc.