Pickett USA was a collaboration between us and HR Soul, a human resources company we partner with on certain projects.  We worked together to give Pickett an employer branding campaign and a new website with a careers page.  

Due to our work, Pickett achieved the following goal:

In the first 90 days since the campaign launch, Pickett hired 10 new employees 

From October 2018 to September 2019, Pickett hired a total of 49 new employees.

An increase of 49 employees equals a 35% increase overall, reaching and surpassing their 25% goal for the year.

The campaign

We came up with and devloped Pickett’s employer branding slogan “You are. You Matter.”  Variations across the site and videos include “At Pickett, You matter.” , “We solve the problems that matter”, and “How they matter.”  Moving through the site, you can see that the copy is built around this idea.

The Photography

Everybody needs a good headhsot and that’s where we come in.

The Videos

We were asked to create 6 videos for this campaign that showcased Pickett as they are: a family.